Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So *I* haven't heard from my roomie, but some ppl are telling me that she ran off with Mr. Mysterioso. Then others are telling me that they got a TEXT from her.

But she didn't text me, her SUPPOSED best FRIEND. WTF???

So she's probably fine, but I'm STILL worried (and ANGRY. and WORRIED!) Add into it that I have a totally important test coming up tomorrow that I TRIED studying in the library for (I HATE studying in my room!) and there's like, a GAJILLION ppl there and they're all acting kinda freaky. It's like, if you feel so sick, don't be spreading yr cooties to me! Go to the Sanitarium!


I'm also wondering if maybe I should tell Professor Blunt that I can't find Sophie? He's her advisor and everything. But I don't want to get her in TROUBLE, y'know?

I am having one of those days where I HATE EVERYONE. And I HATE THAT!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OK, I don't know whether to be WORRIED or ANGRY. I didn't see my roomie all day yesterday except for this REALLY weird tweet. Did she butt-dial twitter?

AND she didn't sleep in her bed last night. Did she run off with Mr. Depresso? I tried calling him, but nada.

I even asked delicious Sebastian (BTW, didja hear he broke up with the WITCH?), but he kinda blew me off:

It's just...why wouldn't she have TOLD me that? She's not answering phones/texts/tweets/NOTHING. If you guys hear from her, or see her...well, tell her that her roomie is FREAKING OUT. Mmmkay? Now I gotta get to class. Apparently you ROOMIE going MISSING isn't enough to get an extension on your LIT PAPER. Ugh.


Friday, November 6, 2009


Another Friday and my roomie is NOWHERE to be seen. I'm still feeling a little whacky - low blood sugar, maybe??

Ppl keep saying about how Valemont is all exclusive and we're "ONE OF US" or whatever. I'm thinking less witches, and more CULT. There are some SRLSY weird ppl here!

Ugh, I gotta study for my Western Civ final. I'll be at the library...if you see Sophie, will you let her know???


Thursday, November 5, 2009

UGH. :(

You guys, I have been SO SICK!

Thankfully my roomie got me to the Sanitarium, like, pronto. (At least I THINK it was y roomie....things are a little fuzzy right around the Panthera party. I don't know if it's 'cause I was sick or maybe someone put something in my drink? Either way? SUX!!!!)

She didn't come visit me, but neither did you guys!!! I guess maybe I was contagious or something?

I can't believe how CRAZY school has been. First my roomie shows up totally late. Then there's like, mean girl central and now I got sick! Not exactly how I was picturing college, y'know?

I have soooo much stuff to catch up on! (Like schoolwork - LOL!) But I think I need to go lie down now. I still don't feel so good. :(

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So so so SO much FUN last night! Sophie and I totally hung out and wandered around campus. I used to LOVE Halloween growing up, but I didn't know if people dressed up at Valemont. THEY DID! Some of the costumes were lame (I mean, HELLO, way to jump on the vampire bandwagon everyone!) to funny (there was a GREAT Heidi & Spencer!!!!) to beautiful (Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf!!!)

I went as a Prom Queen. I KNOW! I always thought of Halloween as dressing up as who we wanted to be...this year it was just about wearing a fancy dress. Sophie wore a cape and a mask - I asked if she was a superhero but she said no, she went as a detective?

I love her but she can be REALLY weird sometimes. (I guess that's why we get along so well!)

Thanks for yr guys help with this last question. I've decided...I'm gonna do it.

Also, have you seen THIS? I totally followed it! I know it's probably a joke like when Aotidae hacked the school site, but hey, this is the MOST IMPORTANT PARTY of the semester...if there's a way in, I'm going!

(I asked Sophie's friend about it, but he swears it's not him. Although it's his profile I don't know. He can be SO twitchy!!!!)

MAYBE I'll see you at the party? You guys should TOTALLY try to come!!!!!