Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I was SOOOOO excited to come to school. Valemont was like, my first choice. You guys know that right? (Well, you do NOW! LOL!)

Now school isn't EXACTLY what I expected it to be. I mean, nothing ever IS, right? (I know, SAVE IT FOR PHILOSOPHY 101, POPPY!) But ppl aren't super-friendly here, and I'm just the sort of person who IS, y'know? But it's like there are people here who were BORN mean girls. Is it in their DNA?

How are mean girls MADE anyway? (Oooh, NATURE vs. NUTURE! Yes, I DO pay attention in class!)

But the roomie sitch, well, I just thought she'd show up and we'd be besties, y'know? I didn't have a bunch of friends back home. Ppl always thought I was weird. Maybe it's just because I don't try to be someone I'm not. I'm just me.

I really LIKE Sophie. I think she's awesome. And fun. It's just that she..acts kind of WEIRD sometimes. And I don't mean the "weird" that ppl make fun of weird (like ppl back home made fun of me!) but like, quiet weird.

I guess I thought that ppl at school were going to be DIFFERENT. Since no one knows each other, I thought ppl would be But sometimes I still feel like the odd one out.

I KNOW, this post is a DOWNER! Anyway, Soph came back to the dorms SUPER late and she was acting all strange so I guess I was just bummed she was hanging out with other ppl instead of me. :( But I know I still totally won in the roomie thing. Because I have heard some TERRIBLE stories about roommates!

Do you guys have any to share?


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