Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I thought it would be totally cool to blog about my whole college experience to keep in touch with my HS friends and maybe, I don't know, just like, see if everyone else is dealing with the same stuff I am? I don't know. I MAKE NO PROMISES! (j/k!!)

OK, here I go!

So I've been at Valemont for a week now and I guess everyone seems sort of nice except for this one girl who was SO MEAN when I thought that I was at the Lecture Hall but it was ACTUALLY one of the "Houses." I TOTALLY missed the sign out front but you would have thought that they kept the SECRETS TO THE UNIVERSE in there. Ugh!

I totally had no roomie and these girls on my floor were all "you're so lucky to have a room to yourself" and I was all "yeah" except that everyone is hanging out with their roommates and I DON'T HAVE ONE. Except that the housing office now says that I do. But I haven't met her yet so ROOMIE IF YOU'RE READING THIS COME SAY HI!!!! LOL.

So yeah, I guess college isn't exactly what I expected & peeps aren't as friendly as I thought but I KNOW that'll change. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT IN THE WORLD, amirite?

Late for class!!!



  1. Good Luck Poppy! I know you'll do well! Don't worry about the mean girl, some people just don't know how to be nice!
    Get it girl! I know you'll do well.

  2. What can you do, not everyone will be nice OR cool on this campus. I noticed your roomie, Sophie, showed up, she seems really nice! Mine is loud and talks like she never takes a breath, think she's from the UK too.

  3. hey GOONKA i dont breeth like ever i have no need to it saves me wasting my life pausing i fit soo much in like an hour that other people use only 20 mins off and yep im from the uk too but hot and mean when needed otherwise im as nice as like erm cherry pies and god you should love me more like love me like erm rainbows and glitter and good pink stuff like !LOUD ME LOUD erm yes ok i am but shh and poppy yuou ever wanna come over and chill with us we are nice yes we are :) sometimes ;p