Sunday, November 1, 2009


So so so SO much FUN last night! Sophie and I totally hung out and wandered around campus. I used to LOVE Halloween growing up, but I didn't know if people dressed up at Valemont. THEY DID! Some of the costumes were lame (I mean, HELLO, way to jump on the vampire bandwagon everyone!) to funny (there was a GREAT Heidi & Spencer!!!!) to beautiful (Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf!!!)

I went as a Prom Queen. I KNOW! I always thought of Halloween as dressing up as who we wanted to be...this year it was just about wearing a fancy dress. Sophie wore a cape and a mask - I asked if she was a superhero but she said no, she went as a detective?

I love her but she can be REALLY weird sometimes. (I guess that's why we get along so well!)

Thanks for yr guys help with this last question. I've decided...I'm gonna do it.

Also, have you seen THIS? I totally followed it! I know it's probably a joke like when Aotidae hacked the school site, but hey, this is the MOST IMPORTANT PARTY of the semester...if there's a way in, I'm going!

(I asked Sophie's friend about it, but he swears it's not him. Although it's his profile I don't know. He can be SO twitchy!!!!)

MAYBE I'll see you at the party? You guys should TOTALLY try to come!!!!!


  1. what's up with everyone trying to crash our party ? whether you got denied or didn't rush at all you need to get over it.

  2. hellz yeah! see you there ;)