Friday, October 2, 2009


OK, so do you guys know that game, Clue?


(I always wanted a Conservatory. Does that sound like, so great? "I'll be in the conservatory." Valemont sounds like the sort of school that has a conservatory, but we don't. We do have a Sanitarium, though. WHICH IS WEIRD, AMIRITE? OK, getting off-track! LOL!)

A couple of days ago something happened in the library. The @ValemontU twitter said books were vandalized. Which is NOT COOL.

Except that this guy Leonardo (is he cute or creepy? ANYone?) says that it was in "the 100s." I have NO idea what that means, until this OTHER guy posts something with a link to the Dewey Decimal System.

So I look it up. "The 100s" in libraryspeak?

Click here 4 a bigger pic!

Somebody mentioned that that mean girl was there, but after looking at "the 100s?"

I think the Valemont Library is haunted!!!!

What do u think??

Freaking OUT,


  1. Maybe...who knows

  2. Well, the 100's does include Parapsychology and Occultism...maybe the ghosts don't want us learning anything about them!!! CREEPY!

  3. drones drones she only marked them...

  4. @Jenni - I KNOW, RITE?

    @Anon: Drones????

  5. drones follow the sent of the Queen...they do her bidding so she doesn't get her hands dirty..worker Beeeeeeezz...

  6. What do you know about Desmodus?

  7. Anonymous student sez: also too, B sed was working on a "plan" of sorts off-campus & she'd tell us soon-ish. u say she was there? hmm. and after that wierd vid of Eric saying he saw scales all over natasha who's in her house (reptilian-humanoids) come to mind. I don't think witches at all, but worse. maybe they needed some occult book for some secret serp ritual for the newbeeez(haha get it?)to make them into whatev N was (reptoid creatures sed to be a 4th demensional being that can "possess the body of someone who has gone thru the "ritual" whatev that means. just check out these links: (info about the ritual and activating the DNA of ppl who are of hte right bloodlines, creeeepy right!)& this one: (all about royal bloodlines & reptilian genes)
    that last 1 is basic overview of reptoids, the theory being they were aliens from the draconis star system (or something w/that name) loong ago & they have scaley skin, but human bodies, are cold-blooded w/a bit lower body temp, can shape-shift into whatev (hence Natasha looking human but then looking scaly when in her room when E was peaking in). Only the royal lines have this rep-DNA & have powers that go w/it, but must keep it a secret which is why they call their belief in the God given right to rule the "Mandate of heaven" cuz they have "witchy powers" too, like God, except they use it to keep their stangle-hold on humanity. Think about it! B is the Queen, has "drones" who work for her, believes she is superior, and Natasha's mysterious scales. Plus it's a true theory. Check for yourself. Most ppl have never heard of it...prbly cuz they're in the "wrong genepool" as E would say. We are looking at a book vandalism which was just a mere diversion to steal the needed ritual books to turn the next generation of S-house pledges into REAL Serpents! Which would essentially mean that if theory correct, each house has a mysterious creature form too. Panthers, Monkeys, and Crocs...but why 2 sets of reptiles? Glad u asked P! =) There is a belief among the alternative-historian community that there were 2 diff breeds of reps. But I have NEVER heard of the other animals in any REALZ historical context so idk what we'll find bout those. Maybe Eric found out too much! But maybe Eric knew B better than anyone thought? Oh btw, did u or Soph ever find that mysterious pic of Eric & Bea together looking happy?

  8. @Trevor: Desmodus was the 5th house that's gone now. Also name of a bat/vamp I think too. Maybe that bloodline is now extinct?