Sunday, October 4, 2009


With all the TOTAL CRAZINESS going on, I've TOTALLY been neglecting my schoolwork.

College is HARD, ppl! I mean, I was a good student - I had like, nearly a 4.0 (one of my HS teachers I WON'T SAY WHO totally destroyed my chances of a perfect 4.0!!!) I mean, I gotta be smart, I got into Valemont, right?

But between hangin' with my roomie and classes, I haven't had a SINGLE SECOND to think about the IMPORTANT question......what am I gonna major in?

What about you guys? Have you declared your major yet? Do I have to? Should I wait?


OK, it's still nice outside and there is some PRIME MEAT out on Valemont Green, if you know what I mean! ;)



  1. I'm in my 4th year in college and I made the biggest mistake in declaring a major my Freshman year because I ended up changing majors after the first year and that set me back a year.

    I'm a Nursing major, and believe's difficult, but I love it anyways. My advice is take some of your basics and then decide what you want to do. Also evaluate yourself. What are you good at? Remember, you want a career that you're gonna be happy with. :)


  2. i am 3rd yr triple major Anthropology, Philosophy and human development, I specialize in ancient religious texts, alternative history and secret Church societies...freak by nature has need to feed the brain... :)

  3. @ prime meat i know exactly what you mean chicky !!! and yes very distracting in a good way i guess giggles sooo from your personality i would say something very creative and hands on like art drama theatre but also to feed your near perfect 4.0 a bit off history on the side ... me i so want to major in the sciences bilogy chemistry and physics

  4. God, I haven't even thought about a major yet.... I'm not really all that sur what I want to do alothough I kinda want to do something artsy or showy..... like maybe... Acting or Music

  5. This is my second semester....and I plan on going into Marine Biology :]

  6. This is my second year and have changed my major two times.

    God, I hope I can settle on one soon.

  7. Actually, I think picking a major in one's freshman year is a good way to set a goal towards graduation. Just pick a major you are most likely to be interested in. Otherwise go Undecided until you find your "calling"