Sunday, October 18, 2009


So it looks like most of you rushed AND GOT IN. Congrats? I guess? The Houses still scare me, it's like those old horror movies that my parents used to make me watch, y'know? Maybe next year. MAYBE.

Sophie has been all over the place this weekend! I don't know, I thought having a roomie meant we'd like, stay up all night and tell each other everything (SHUT UP I KNOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE SUMMER CAMP BUT THIS IS MY COLLEGE FANTASY! LOL!) but she stays up (or should I say out?) all night and tells me NOTHING. She's always holed up with her phone. I thought my texting was bad!

I mean, I'm glad we're besties. She didn't rush a house either so I don't feel like such a Loser, y'know? And when she's here, she's awesome.

Ugh, I gotta study. I got into Valemont but I gotta be able to STAY in Valemont! What were you guys up to this weekend????


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  1. hey poppy. i got denied at serpentes :( i guess the witch is actually allowed to accept or deny people to her liking. i got offered panthera tho and decided to accept.