Friday, October 9, 2009


Are you guys gonna try and rush a house next week?

I've been thinking about it. I REALLY HAVE. But I don't really think I'm the House type. At least the people I've met haven't made me think that I want to be in a house. But maybe if there were more peeps like YOU GUYS in houses, then peeps like me would WANT to rush?

Mean Girl Headquarters? (Serpentes House)

What do YOU think? Are you gonna rush? Which house do you want to be in?



  1. Hey Poppy...peeps to you!

    I said I will rush, I am game player....but slowly I ponder if any of us really will get in. We are always reminded via that they choose us and well only a few will be...seems slim by far. Also lots speculate if a trick question gets u in or a completion of the hazing....

    Well maybe I will see you there and thanks for the blog... :)

  2. If I rush it will be A house...freaks geeks and trouble makers.... ;)

  3. Seing how my life is dedicated to ancient languages and history, art history, litterature, music instruments and basically arts in all its forms i'm going to rush to Serpentes. Wish me luck.

  4. I'm thinking about Rushing Serpentes

  5. I'm torn between my artistic side and my athletic side. So I haven't quit figured out if I'm going to Rush Serpentes or Crocodilia. What is a girl to do? Haha!